Reece Hogan

Interior Designer

Despite studying Law at university and gaining a wealth of experience across various sectors (including over 3 years in the Construction industry) Reece decided to follow her passion by making the leap into the world of interiors in 2018.

Reece has been an avid and active member of the interior design community for over 6 years now, initially starting out in design support roles and working her way up to mid-weight designer.

Working for several well-known and esteemed studios including “House & Garden’s Top 100” Studio Reed, Nicola Harding & Co, and Rosanna Bossom Ltd., she has gained vast experience working across all stages of high-end luxury residential design projects. Reece is a confident all-round designer, taking pride in ensuring meticulous attention to detail at all times.

Reece is also a keen artist and interior illustrator, and had been commissioned to create bespoke artwork and company greetings cards for many businesses and individuals alike.